Fort Point Boogie

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Fort Point is a neighborhood or district of Boston, Massachusetts, and where a fort stood which guarded the city in colonial times.

Fort Hill was located near what is today the intersection of Oliver and High Streets. At least until 1675, the hill jutted out into the Atlantic Ocean, hence the designation of being a "point". Its height and proximity to the sea made the hill an advantageous point to put defensive cannons. Between 1866 and 1872, the City of Boston undertook a redevelopment project on Fort Hill in attempt to add more land for business facilities. The project called for the Hill to be leveled, for the streets to be widened, and for all buildings to be raized.Today the land is flat and largely occupied by the towers of International Place. Landfill has also extended the shoreline outward, so the location of the old fort is no longer directly on the waterfront.

The boundaries of the modern neighborhood of Fort Point are somewhat ill-defined. At its broadest extent, it includes the land a few blocks on either side of the Fort Point Channel (which due to landfill is considerably smaller than it was in colonial times). The Fort Point artists' community[3] is located on the opposite side of the channel. This is also called the South Boston Waterfront or the Seaport District. Real estate listings include "Fort Point" locations east of the channel and west of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the Boston World Trade Center. (Further south is South Boston proper.) The Boston Redevelopment Authority defines the Fort Point District within the neighborhood of South Boston as "an area of approximately 100 acres (0.40 km2) defined by the Fort Point Channel to the west, Summer Street to the north, the Bypass Road to the east, and West 2nd Street to the south."

The Summer Street Bridge, which crosses the channel, has a sign which welcomes eastbound travelers to South Boston, and westbound travelers to Fort Point. The United States Postal Service Bulk Mail Center at Fort Point Station is located between the channel and South Station. To the northwest is Chinatown. The northeastern section of the Fort Point neighborhood, on the east side of the channel, could be said to overlap with the Financial District.

The Fort Point neighborhood was featured in Martin Scorsese's 2006 film The Departed. An alley between Thompson Place and Farnsworth Street provided the setting for the fictional address "344 Wash." Additionally, the dramatic views of downtown Boston from the rooftops of Fort Point were prominently featured in the film.

In 2001, the Fort Point District was petitioned[5] as a Landmark District with the Boston Landmarks Commission.[6] In 2007, a Mayoral-appointed Study Committee began drafting District guidelines. In December 2008, Mayor Menino and the Boston Landmarks Commission voted in favor of the guidelines which were officially approved on January 28, 2009 by the Boston City Council


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